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A management consulting company that provides strategy and transformation services
Welcome to Governance Architects 
Governance Architects is a management consulting company that provides strategy, planning, business design and transformation services.

We tailor our services to meet our clients needs.  

Ask to meet with us, we would like to discuss your aspirations, understand your challenges and work out how best we can fast track your success.

Governance Architects is an industry leader in operating model design and business architecture. We have developed detailed blueprints for every function across businesses, highlighting what each area does, how they do it and how they can do it better. We work with our clients to use these blueprints to accelerate their success.

Governance Architects  ABN 65 110 301 758
Anomaly Management Systems trades as Governance Architects

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Our services

     - Getting clarity on your strategy and business model blueprint to compete and win. 

Business strategy and business modelling

    - Translating your strategy into execution by designing the right target operating model / 
      business architecture blueprint for each of your functions and teams.  

    - Defining your business transformation plan     
    - Managing your business transformation
Business transformation

    - Translating your strategy into action via strategic planning, function, team and individual planning. 
Business design