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A management consulting company that provides strategy and transformation services
Strategy, planning, business design and transformation services
We tailor our strategy, planning, business design and transformation services around you and your business needs. We are here to work with you to understand and solve your business problems. 

Our specialty is helping you get clarity on your strategic choices on where and how to compete and win; and translating that strategy into execution via deep dive target operating models for each of your business functions; Your deep dive operating models become the foundation in fast tracking people engagement, operations excellence, customer satisfaction and your business growth. We work with you ensuring you leverage your target operating models to improve how you steer your organisation and function level strategy, planning, change and business as usual activities. 

Business blueprints help you articulate and execute strategy more effectively

In today’s competitive business landscape, organisations are doing everything they can to stay on top of evolving customer needs and environmental changes. Many leaders are sensing and responding to these changes effectively, while others are not performing and losing market share. 

In our experience, 5 challenges are causing these performance issues:
    1.Not adapting to change quick enough;
    2.Not having a clear and common understanding of the strategy to compete and win;
    3.Not translating a winning strategy into execution;
    4.Product, marketing, sales, retention and channel teams not working together on their quest to attract and retain customers;
    5.Back office teams not engaging stakeholders effectively, resulting in not aligning their service portfolio with business needs. 

This is why business leaders are increasingly turning to our business blueprints, using them to:
    - Design how they create value for their customers and stakeholders;
    - Improve customer and business unit engagement;
    - Improve how they operate;
    - Improve how they report;
    - Gain higher customer satisfaction ratings; and 
    - Grow their business.

Business blueprints come in many forms. They are a representation of your business in a one-page format which provide clarity on your:
    1.Business strategy and business model to compete and win; 
    2.Target operating models for each function to help you translate your winning strategy into execution; and 
    3.Business capability requirements to help you track business health at an enterprise, function and team level. 

As your organisation increases in size, designing, creating and protecting the value being realised by your customers and by each internal function and team becomes very important. Having an operating model blueprint of what each function and team does and how they create value to external customers and other internal functions is key for engagement and success. 

Business strategy blueprints, target operating model blueprints and business capability blueprints provide clarity, a common language and a shared understanding that helps to break down barriers between functions that may impede effective communication and prevent value being realised. Collaborative planning: top-down, bottom-up and cross business unit planning for growth, customer satisfaction, operations excellence and people engagement just became a lot easier. 

In the simplest terms – business blueprints put everyone on the same page to ensure you are all pulling in the same direction. 

In summary, business blueprints provide 
    - clarity;
    - a common language; and 
    - a shared understanding across the organisation, helping you articulate and execute strategy more effectively. 

10 situations when business blueprints can support your discussions:

    1.Strategy - communications and review sessions;
    2.Planning and investment prioritisation – top down, bottom up and cross function planning for value creation, business growth, 
                customer satisfaction and operations excellence;
    3.Organisational change / business transformation – identifying and tracking business health, non-performance, organisational
                change or business transformation across people, culture, process, technology, information and innovation; 
    4.Mergers and acquisitions - make better decisions by knowing what you are acquiring or how best to merge companies or teams;
    5.Organisation re-structures – combine top down, bottom up and cross business function planning for organisation structures;
    6.Engagement - Improving customer engagement; people and business unit engagement;
    7.Alignment – strengthening the alignment of demand and supply between front and back offices;
    8.New team members - Fast tracking the on-boarding of new team members when they commence employment, by highlighting 
                the business strategy, what their area does and how it does it;
    9.Architecture - Improving business and IT engagement by providing the foundation for enterprise architecture; and
  10.Risk management - Improving business and risk management engagement by establishing the business context for risk 
                assessments and business continuity;

Contact Governance Architects today to learn more about how we can help your leaders design your business blueprints and articulate and execute your strategy more effectively. 

Governance Architects provides services in strategy, planning, business design and business transformation. We look forward to working with you.

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Our services
Business strategy and business modelling

     - Getting clarity on your strategy and business model blueprint to compete and win. 

     Your business strategy blueprint supports a common understanding of your strategic choices, 
     differentiators and guides your day to day decision making. 

    - Translating your strategy into action via strategic planning, function, team and individual planning. 

    To optimise your business performance we work with you on top-down, bottom-up and cross business
    function planning. Aligning your plans, budgets, resources and energies brings all your teams together
    to focus on the right activities at the right time. This approach reduces waste and helps your business
    become more efficient.

Business design

    - Translating your strategy into execution by designing the right target operating model / 
      business architecture blueprint for each of your functions and teams.  

    Your operating model blueprints provide clarity on what each team does, how they do it and how they 
    can do it better. The blueprints are mechanisms for improving people and business unit engagement, 
    operations excellence, customer satisfaction and business growth. We work with our clients to create
    insights that support decisions in strategy, planning, change and business as usual.

    Governance Architects is an industry leader in operating model design and business architecture. 
    We have developed detailed blueprints for every function across businesses. 

Business transformation

    - Defining your business transformation plan     
    - Managing your business transformation

    If you are not happy with the current performance of your business or function, you may consider
    transforming it by allowing us to work with you to:
           - Get clarity of your strategy and business model to compete and win
           - Define the required target operating model per function
           - Define the organisational changes required to move from current state to future state
           - Define your business transformation plan
           - Manage the business transformation for you.